Last rites & rituals classes


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Last rites & rituals classes

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You need to have an active MMVIC 2020 Membership to attend the Last ritual class. If you haven’t yet paid your 2020 Membership, please click here to pay your 2020 membership before registering.

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It is wonderful to see that the Marathi community has grown exponentially over the past decade. We are one of the few well-established groups within the Australian diaspora and should be justly proud of that. It is also very common these days for older parents to visit the young couples and grand-children. We live in happiness and good harmony and this adopted land offers us physical well-being in every way.

Of course, with the growth in population and the visits of elders, come new problems that we did not face beforehand. Over the past few months, I have had requests from Hindus all over Melbourne to conduct a funeral for a loved one. Due to Covid, I have been advised not to attend any gatherings and the task has fallen on the able shoulders of people such as Makarand Bhagwat, Kartik Iyer and Vijay Patki. All of these people work full time and can thus help only on the weekends. It is a sad situation indeed when a funeral has got to be performed with just a few prayers by a novice without the necessary rituals.

The Mandal is urgently asking for your help in this matter. It is at times difficult to summon the courage to conduct such rituals, but surely, we can all muster it once we decide to help. Last rites rituals (antyeshti) are very simple and do not require prior knowledge of Sanskrit. So are the Shraddhas. All of this can be learned in 3-4 sessions,

I am very willing to help in this regard. We need at least 4-6 volunteers badly. Won’t you help? That would be a fantastic community service.
Please contact the President/Secretary asap.

Age limit: 25 years and above

Venue: Online (zoom link will be provided post registration)

Time: Every Thursday 8:00 PM to 09:00 PM . Classes will start from Thursday 25-June-2020

Note: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, all Social Initiatives are being conducted online till further notice

Registration: FREE

Duration: 3 to 5 weeks

Contact in case of any concerns.

Dr. Jayant Bapat

Mob No: 0411 730 307

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