How we work


Our mission is to promote and nurture Marathi culture within the community and foster the rich Marathi heritage and pass this legacy to the next generation. We do this by organising various cultural programs containing Music, Drama, Dance, Kids’ programs etc.

Social Activities

– To provide support to Maharashtrians living in Victoria to the extent practicable

– To foster friendship, understanding, and good relations between the people of Australia and India

Arts & Culture

– To impart and promote the knowledge of Marathi culture to the local community

– To organize art and cultural events of local and overseas artists

Education & Information

– To print and publish newsletters, periodicals, or leaflets that the MMVIC may consider desirable. To establish a library of Marathi literature and other resources on related topics

– To organize educational classes, study groups, workshops, seminars, lecture series, and other related activities to promote the Marathi language


– To guide newly arrived migrants and international students of Maharashtrian origin to settle in Australian
community and to facilitate their integration into the Australian community

– To mobilize support for a charitable purpose

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