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Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3
Gautam (Joshi) and Gauri (Barve) are now married for three years and they learn that Gauri is pregnant. It is a joyous occasion for both families and the couple is also enjoying the period. This movie shows the mental state of a to-be mother.

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Knox – Cinema 8 Friday 14th Dec 2018 – 8:30PM

The film is registered as an event with the classifications branch of Australian Government and is exempt from classification. The film is suitable for children, accompanied with parents.

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Charudatta Aphale Vyakhyanmala Update

Lecture 2: शिवाजी महाराज व स्वा. सावरकर चरित्रात्मक तुलना

Lecture 3: २१ व्या शतकात स्वामी विवेकानंदांच्या विचारांची उपयुक्तता

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