About Us.

About Us

Maharashtra Mandal Of Victoria Inc is a non-profit organisation formed in 1981, by the families who migrated to the state of Victoria in Australia from the state of Maharashtra in India.

Our mission is to promote and nurture Marathi culture within the community and foster the rich Marathi heritage and pass this legacy to the next generation. We do this by organising various cultural programs containing Music, Drama, Dance, Kids’ programs etc.

Culture is a grand recipe of history, language, literature, arts, style and food. Every place and every society has its own culture. Even though we are so close to the westernised Australian culture, we enjoy and nurture the distinctness of our culture. Maharashtra Mandal Victoria has been the vehicle for that fulfilment over past 3 decades now and will continue to do so for the upcoming new generation.

We firmly believe, that by doing so, we truly contribute to the fascinating multicultural landscape of Australian society.

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