Kaizen as way of life

Maharashtra Mandal Victoria takes pride to invite an honoured guest present a lecture on Kaizen for us. Learn the intricacies of the Kaizen methodologies and how to nurture it as a way of life to improve your efficiency at the job, home and personal goals.

Developed through Toyota Production Systems over the span of 60 years, Kaizen changed the landscape of thinking. Kaizen in Japanese means “continuous improvement”. Kaizen applies to processes from production lines to psychotherapy and from health care and banking to your personal life. Learn the concepts of Kaizen, its key paradigms and how to do it in systematic way on your own.

Kaizen does not just aim to increase your profits and make your business efficient, but if done in a systematic manner, it nurtures your thought process and improve quality of life and happiness at home and job.

Date: Friday 25th Oct 2019 07.00PM
(1 hour 15 min of lecture followed by dinner)

Language: English

Venue: Hughesdale Community Center, 160 Poath Road, Hughesdale

Registration: $10 (includes Dinner)

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