2020 Nominations

Following Nominations are received for the MMVIC 2020 committee

  1. President – No Nomination
  2. Secretary – No Nomination
  3. Treasurer – No Nomination
  4. Member 1Amruta Joshi – In India Amruta worked as a member of Rotaract Club, Kalyani Nagar, Pune. She held posts as President, Secretary, Vice President and worked on Professional development, community services and international services. On the MMVIC committee she wishes to contribute towards increasing engagement from our community, promote artists, increase spread of Marathi and create hobby groups. As a certified Reiki practitioner she wishes to bring the healing techniques to everyone as part of empowering individuals.
  5. Member 2Rashmi Gore – Rashmi was on the managing committee of Highway Gallery in 2018. She was also member of Circle of Art Friends in Monash in 2019. An active member of Indian Australian Artist Association, she also runs Yoga classes in neighborhood houses, girl guides and International Yoga Day. Member of MBPCA, she runs art and donation drives for various causes. On the MMVIC committee she will like to leverage her qualification and expertise to contribute towards Arts and Cultural committee. She also has 2 distinct initiatives in her mind too.
    • VSL that runs VCE recognized International language classes includes several Indian languages like Tamil, Telegu, Gujarathi, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali etc. Although we have a strong Marathi community the Marathi language is not included in VSL. Inclusion of Marathi in VSL will give opportunities and motivate our children to learn their mother tongue and will also benefit in their VCE scores.
    • Supporting newly/recently moved families. She moved 6 years back to Melbourne and she is fully aware of all the challenges that a new family faces before feeling settled in this wonderful country. Some families help on individual level but she would like to set up an initiative supported by MMVIC to formally induct the new members in our larger MMVIC family.
  6. Member 3 – No Nomination
  7. Member 4 – No Nomination
  8. Yuva Member – No Nomination