Chala Hava Yeu Dya Ticketing.


Category MMVIC 2018 paid members Non members
Platinum – Meet & Greet $140 $160
Platinum $90 $110
Gold $70 $90
Silver $55 $75
Bronze $40 $60

Chala Hava Yeu Dya (चला हवा येऊ द्या)

Date: Saturday, 17 February 2018

Time: 2 to 6pm (exact details will be confirmed)

Robert Blackwood Hall,
49 Scenic Blvd, Clayton. VIC 3800.

We are using the Monash Performing Arts Centre seat selection facility along with MMVIC ticket booking software for this event. Due to the Monash system’s complexity, there are few additional requirements.

Please read following terms and conditions carefully for hassle free purchase of tickets:

  1. The tickets are non-refundable and cannot be transferred
  2. There are maximum 6 tickets allowed per booking. This is in line with the Family of Four and Two Grandparents (who need not to be paid members)
  3. MMVIC 2018 paid members get discounted rates. In order to avail this discount, you should pay 2018 membership fees separately BEFORE making ticket booking for this program
  4. Once you choose the tickets and fill the basic details, you will be taken to seat selection
  5. 2018 paid Members will click on “Seat selection for Paid Member” to access the Promo Code and get the discount
  6. If you don’t want to pay 2018 membership fees, please access the link for “Seat selection for Non-Members”
  7. There will be few more details asked by the Monash system to select the seats enabling them to link seats numbers and booking details
  8. Children below 5 are free but will not be allocated a seat.
  9. In case if you purchase the member discounted tickets but do not pay your 2018 membership fee by 31 Jan 2018, your booking will be cancelled and tickets will not be refunded
  10. We discourage all from booking tickets for others (outside of your family) unless, you are sure that they have paid the 2018 membership fees.
  11. If anyone in a group booking has not paid the 2018 membership fees, you will be responsible for that membership payment. The person(s) whose membership fee is missing will not be given his/her ticket and will therefore be unable to attend the program.

We trust our members and seek your cooperation in this regard to minimise future complications and misuse.


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