Social Initiatives.

Marathi language class

May be you think your children are missing out or may be you just like to learn new languages. Whatever your reason may be enroll for our Marathi language classes and discover the beauty and richness of a language we as a community are proud of…

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Yoga class

Shed those extra kilos and stay fit. Refresh you mind, body and soul with our Yoga classes.

Find the secrets and benefits of this age old science and who know you might end up living for 400 years just like our ancient rishis!!

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Learn how to perform pujas from our very own Dr. Jayant Bapat (aka Bapat kaka) and help increase awareness of our culture, traditions and customs

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Learning communications

Are you afraid on just getting up on stage and speaking to a large audience? Are you not confident of your communication skills?

Enrol today for our Toastmaster inspired communication skills development program to develop your communication and leadership skills.

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